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The historical center of Naples was recently added to UNESCO's World Hetitage List. Now, some itineraries to visit it all year round.>>>>

  • Decumano Superiore - From via Sapienza to S. Giovanni Carbonara
  • Decumano Maggiore - From Port'alba to Castel Capuano
  • Decumano Inferiore -  From piazza del Gesł to the Greek walls
  • From  Piazza Plebiscito to Spirito Santo

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Palazzo Reale

The imposing  edifice of Palazzo Reale was built in the borbonic era. It was constructed behind a convent in a square purposely named Largo di Palazzo in honor of the royal residence. In 1994, the palace hosted the G7summit. Today it is used in part for public offices, but still on the frist foolr, with the royal apartments into which one enters by the splendid Scalone d'Onore, the Teatrino di Corte and the Giardino Pensile, it makes up an exceptional museum which houses priceless furnishings and works of art.

Maschio Angioino

The Maschio Angioino, or Castel Nuovo, was built in the Thirteenth century. The presence of the castle radically changed the area behind the port. At the arrival of king Alfonso di Aragona, the grand Arco di Trionfo, built in white stone, was added to adorn the entrance. The courtyard is dominated by the large staircase which gives access to the Sala dei Baroni. The castle as we see it today is slightly changed. For example the large moat that defended the castle is now emty. To notis are the C appella di S. Barbara (with its medieval paintings) and the Museo Civico.

The making of Pastori, the statuettes of the cresh, is a traditional art of Naples which can be traced back to the arrival of the Francescan Monks at the Basilica di S. Lorenzo. It in not by chance that the center for l'Arte Pastoraia is the area known as S. Gregorio Armeno, this name reminding us of the joining of Greek and Roman artistic traditions. And at the edge of this area we find S. Lorenzo. Over the centuries this art has become so unimitatible, that over the christmass holidays, S. Gregorio Armeno welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors.

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