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Old gates


Porta Capuana

Near Castelcapuano, was built in 1484 and designed by  Giuliano da Maiano. It is between two cylindrical towers, named Honour and Virtue. The marble decoration is splen did . At the top is the coat of arms of Charles V, which originally contained a scene of the coronation of Ferdinand I.

Porta Nolana

Like the latter dates back to the 15th century and is between two cylindrical towers, named Faith and Hope. A bas-relif on the arch shows Ferdinand I of Aragon on horseback.


This gate (now in Piazza Dante) was erected in 1625, during the reign of the Viceroy Antonio Alvarez de Toledo, Duke of Alba. It was restored at the end of the 18th century. At the top is a bronze statue of San Gaetano.

Porta San Gennaro

This city gate was rebuilt in the mid 15th century after the city walls had been moved. In the large niche the remains of a 17th century fresco by Mattia Preti can be seen. The Porta San Gennaro is in Via Foria.

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