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Terrasonora su “FolkWorld” - Home of European Music
Terrasonora su “FolkWorld”

Home of European Music

(Issue 36 07/2008)

“Core e Tamburo” dei Terrasonora č stato recensito
dalla autorevole rivista folk europea “FolkWorld”. La
recensione č stata curata a firma del critico musicale,
nonché Editore della rivista, Michael Moll.

This album is superb – Southern Italian contemporary folk
music at its very best. The band takes its inspiration from
the traditional music from Campania in Southern Italy. The
songs are all written by the band, but the content takes
inspiration from folk tales and traditions of the region;
similar, the music is based around traditional themes, such
as tarantellas and tammurriata.
The band successfully merges the old and the new, featuring
guitars, percussion, acoustic bass, keyboards and wind
instruments including ciaramella and flutes. The focus is on
the singing – and the band combines a strong and
expressive female voice and a more soft and calming male
voice. The music is full of energy and spirit, it fills the
listener with happiness and joy.
Another example that sometimes it is the quality not the
quantity that counts – the CD may be only 37 minutes long,
but those 37 minutes are not to be missed!

Michael Moll
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